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Save $20 on Pest Control in Novato

Our pest control in Novato comes with a satisfaction guarantee, same-day service, and doesn’t require a contract! If you have a pest problem, there’s no better option for relief than Crown & Shield Pest Solutions.

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No Binding Contracts

We offer higher quality services than our competitors at a competitive price. The best part? We won’t lock you into a binding contract! We offer one-time and recurring services.

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We only use the latest and most advanced treatments, making our pest control services as safe as possible for your family, pets, and the environment.


The technician was on time, explained everything thoroughly, and was respectful of my home.

Pest Control in Novato

Pests don’t belong in your home! They put you and your family at risk for disease, contaminate your food, damage your belongings, and make you and your family uncomfortable. When you spot pests lurking, it’s normal to want them gone as soon as possible. That’s where Crown & Shield comes in. We offer same-day pest control in Novato that is safe, effective, and guaranteed to work!

Lasting Relief from Bothersome Pests

DIY treatments for pests may seem tempting, but they’re often ineffective and fail to get to the root of the problem. Our pest control in Novato, targets pests at their source, eliminating current problems while preventing future infestations from taking over. It’s the best of both worlds in one simple service!

When you work with our exterminators in Novato, we will:

  • Inspect your home to determine the extent and location of the infestation.
  • Create a protective barrier around your home through liquid treatments.
  • Place gel bait stations inside your home, focusing on affected areas and entry points.
  • Use family-friendly products that are not only safe for your loved ones, but also the environment.
  • Treat your home regularly to ensure you stay pest-free all year long.

Same-Day and Saturday Services

When you need immediate relief from pests, there’s no better option than our same-day pest control in Novato. All you have to do is give us a call before noon and we’ll be at your door the very same day, ready to tackle your pest problem. We also have Saturday appointments available, so you can always find a time that works with your schedule.


Termite Control in Novato

Termites cause over $5 billion in damages to homes across the United States every year. While that statistic may sound overwhelming, it’s easy to protect your home with our termite control in Novato. Our exterminators search every nook and cranny of your home for signs of a termite infestation, then create a treatment plan based on their findings.

Based on your specific needs, our termite treatment in Novato may also include:

  • Soil treatments with Termidor High-Efficiency Termiticide.
  • Targeted applications with Bora-Care.
  • Non-chemical heat treatments.
  • Full-home tent fumigation.

We also offer free termite inspections if you need a second opinion. All you have to do is provide us with the initial report and we’ll get started as soon as possible!


Rodent Control in Novato

If you’re finding gnaw marks on furniture, trails of droppings, or hearing scratching in the walls, you likely have a rodent infestation. Rats and mice make their nests in hard-to-reach places which makes it difficult to treat them on your own. Our rodent exterminators have the right tools and experience to eliminate any infestation. No matter the severity or location, we’ve got you covered!

When you trust our rodent control in Novato, we will:

  • Identify where rodents have made their nests and how they’re getting inside.
  • Set up traps throughout your home, focusing on areas with a lot of activity.
  • Return 3-5 days after our initial visit to check and replace the traps.
  • Share a detailed diagram with you that highlights entry points and places in need of repairs.
  • Give you our one-year warranty on our exclusion work, so you don’t have to worry about future infestations.

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Refer A Friend

For $50 Off

Refer A Friend, when they sign up for our services, you’ll both receive $50 Off! 

June 30, 2023